1984   Dr. Fleming rides her first horse while away at summer camp and she is in love. She rides sporadically, whenever she is able (at camp, random trail rides, etc.)

2007   She comes back to the equestrian world as she introduces her daughter to her first pony.

2012   She meets Buggy, an Amish cart pulling horse and rescues him (some would ask who rescued who!) The plan begins to take shape. She engages Kimberly in assessing the impact of equine assisted psychotherapy in vulnerable populations.

2014   Team attends EAGALA training.

2015  Alliance for Hope, a 501 (c) 3 charity, is established to provide equine assisted psychotherapy to vulnerable populations.  

Code of ethics

our leadership team

Foundation History

Kelley Higgins
Our Chief Advisor of Management makes sure we are solid when it comes to running our programs


To establish equine assisted therapy as a gold standard in the treatment of at risk individuals and their families.

Kathryn Fleming PhD, RN, CPHQ, NEA-BC

Dr. Kathryn Fleming is a Registered Nurse with over 35 years of nursing and horse handling experience.  She is EAGALA trained and serves as the equine specialist on the team.  She has advanced certification in leadership and healthcare quality.

John Fleming
Our Chief Construction Advisor is essential as we work to build and maintain accommodations to support our clients in comfort and safety.

Kimberly Shalloo
Our Chief Mental Health Advisor, has a vast experience working on the mental health needs of our veterans.


 " I am a better person when I am with my horses - I want everyone to feel that way!  I am fortunate to have joined up with a great team, horse and human, to help our veterans have lives that should be full of celebration not crisis! "

Heroes Healing With Horses

Kathryn Fleming